Students teacher relation is the best among the world. A teacher is like a guardian, parent, educator to the students. This is a relationship which can be cherished forever. A teacher helps in the overall development of a scholar and create a powerful environment for learning.

No student and there knowledge are similar. Every student have a different level of understanding and may take time to learn things. Some students may quickly grasp things while other may take some time. The teacher is the one who can softly and smoothly help the students learn things and creates a powerful and everlasting relation.

So what does it occupy then?

Here are the four elements of a student teacher relationship that help in maintaining a balance between the two-
1. Continual communication- Communication can help you to maintain a connection. By communication only a teacher can understand your problem and a student can easily explain all the troubles that he/she is going through. Many a time a teacher may not be able to understand all your problems but help you go a long way in shaping you.
2. Emotional and safe learning environment- teachers create a safe and secure learning environment for the students which help them achieve academic excellence and also build a strong student teacher relationship. All you questions will be solved by the teacher respect and patience.
3. Trust, mutual respect and feedback- It is very important for the students as well as their teacher to show their trust and respect towards each other. Also a teacher can feedback their student with respect to all the knowledge they posses and help them rectify if the student goes wrong anywhere.

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